The Science Behind a Happy Dog

June, 2017 (272 p.)

Cover ImageFrom the authors:  Now is a great time to be studying dogs – there is an abundance of new research out there, shedding light into how our dogs think, perceive their worlds, relate to their human families, and more.  So much new research, in fact, that it can be overwhelming. 

We wrote this book with the goal of summarizing recent research in a readable and useful format, to provide dog owners and caretakers with the most up-to-date information, to ensure their dogs have the best lives possible.

From the publisher:  How can you be sure that your dog is happy? What can owners do to ensure their dog has the best chance at a long, happy life? Experts in animal behavior, Emma Grigg and Tammy Donaldson, set out to explore our current understanding of canine well-being in this engaging and authoritative guide to dog training. Making use of the latest in animal behavior research and studies, The Science Behind a Happy Dog covers both scientific approaches to dog raising and practical solutions to common behavioral problems in a clear and accessible style. The science behind canine cognition and body language shows how we can use the clues that our dogs give us to maximize their well-being. This enlightening guide addresses all aspects of a dog’s life, including nutrition, socialization, exercise, reducing stress when visiting the vet, and canine mental health.

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